Well we have all been there before...How do I best spend my hard earned advertising dollars? What makes World Escort 411 any different from all of the other sites out there? I am glad you asked... I will answer as simply as possible...

World Escort 411 offers targeted proactive advertising... Proactive advertising is when you target market yourself to your clients who are looking for your services rather than posting an ad and hoping they find you. This type of advertising is called reactive advertising; reactive advertising is always far less fruitful than proactive advertising.

The World Escort 411 development team is constantly looking for new advertising opportunities to drive traffic to your door. We will be advertising heavily in most popular community's and the favorites and friends features give you the opportunity to make contact with prospective clients and book appointments before they even arrive and start shopping locally. Our user database is highly effective at returning local search returns when clients are searching a specific target area.

How does World Escort 411 differ from all of the "Free" Advertising, postings and listing sites that we are currently listed on at no charge?

Simple... World Escort 411 isn't a posting/bulletin board; it is a Social Network aimed at bringing clients and providers together. Our site is fully searchable; you can search by country, city, postal code, hair colour, price, etc. Our site also adds the ability to save friends and favourites. What this means to both the client and the provider is that once you find people that you are attracted to or have had an exceptional experience with you can save them indefinitely. We all know how frustrating it is to be looking for a date and to have to scan through countless postings looking for the right one. Even once you save it; as soon as the posting changes or expires the link you have goes dead and you lose touch with your favourite people. This also provides great pre booking opportunities to plan ones visit, vacation or business trip.

World Escort 411 has some very cool features and we have many new features being added daily. We currently offer the following features:

  • Online chat
  • Online chat with live video feed (Like MSN)
  • An on line chat community where you can see which users are currently online
  • A private personal blogs to communicate with friends
  • A community blog to discuss current topics. This can also be used to weed out bad clients and providers (This will be moderated and any user caught posting false reports or false photos will be deleted from the community and Web site)
  • Free message center
  • Free classifieds
  • The ability to interact with other providers and discuss both good and bad experiences
  • The ability to save other providers as friends and network with them to ensure that everyone stays safe and bad apples get weeded out a soon as possible
  • Free assistance from the currently offers Team to get your profile active if needed
  • Free banner design by the World Escort 411Team id needed
  • Multiple payment choices
  • The ability to make your photos private or public. When private you control access to them via one click from your profile
  • The ability to upload personal videos of yourself to your profile. Our video converter can can convert and upload most popular file types
  • The ability to upload YouTube videos to your profile
  • The Ability to upload audio files to your profile
  • The ability to stream live video and audio to your profile page to provide clients with the opportunity to know who they are meeting, This can be very useful in sealing a deal...
  • The ability to hide your profile if you wish to take go on vacation or take some much needed time to yourself. We don't delete hidden profiles so if you want to reactivate your account at any time it is a simple click away
  • Free visiting temporary profiles in areas when you are on the move (Gold and Platinum Users only)

Our key goal is to provide a safe, respectful community for like minded individuals to meet. We will also be adding a resources page for our members and will be sourcing out the tools to make you successful. Our Resources page will have links to service providers like photographers, lawyers, accountants, an any other sorts of services you can think of that will be beneficial to the community.

We look forward to in participating your success.


The World Escort 411 Team