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Our mission is to become the world’s largest and most complete directory for Escorts and Massage while providing a comfortable top quality web experience for both our advertisers and their clients. Whether you are searching locally or across the world there will be plenty of choices for all tastes complete with photos.

It is WorldEscort411.coms intention to provide a top quality listing service complete with live chat, live stream audio and live stream video. Our website is P/C, MAC and mobile device friendly. This means that your clients can search you on their IPHONES, IPADS and similar devices such as Blackberry’s.

A prerequisite of listing with is to provide good quality photos. Our feeling is that if our service providers are not willing to provide quality images to showcase themselves to their clients that they may not be who they portray themselves to be. Many will have partially blurred out faces to protect their identity but it will be obvious that the lady you are communicating with is who she says he is. We are going to collaborate with photographers in your areas that can help you to create an image gallery to showcase yourself.

We intend to ensure the integrity of this website and ensure that things that should not be going on are not going on. What this means is that if we find that users are displaying photos of minors or doing anything with regards to minors we will report them to the authorities without exception. The same rules apply to human trafficking and anything else along those lines. We want this to be fun place for like minded individuals to meet and fulfill their needs.

Our database is fully searchable and allows you to search by country, city, and postal code; you can also filter by age, eye colour, hair colour, body type etc. We are sympathetic to how time consuming it is to have to search free posting boards with poor or no photos. We also know how disappointing it is when the person who either answers their door or shows up at your door looks nothing like their photo. We want to provide an enjoyable surfing experience for our users with tasteful photos and informative content to help users to make an informed choice. is not a free listing site and as such should not be subject to the scrutiny that Craigslist fell under. Together we can create a fun, comprehensive and accurate advertising portal for all to enjoy. Please keep checking back for our upcoming official launch. In the interim please enjoy; while in beta test mode all listings are free. Once we are officially launched we will be giving all of our subscribers a thirty day free trial.

When we get up to speed we will be offering special Banner Advertising Packages for Agencies that will include as many profiles as needed at attractive rates to help you to post all of your escorts & masseuses.

Thanks for taking the time to read our mission statement.  We are looking forward to growing together!!

The WorldEscort411 Team