Escort Advertising Packages

We are proud to unveil our new independent provider interface. Our independent provider interface works like no other product on the market today; our interface allows you to create an independent provider interface profile page and to display your own header and footer on your page so it has the look and feel of your own website and gives you the ability to manage your profile through our easy to manage user interface.

From your independent provider interface you can easily access and manage your photos, videos and all other relevant information for your profile. To see how an independent profile looks when it is set up, please click this link for Classy Angel Vancouver Independent Escort and it will take you to Angel's profile that is set up with a custom header and footer. During our introductory offer and pricing our support team would be happy to set up your entire profile and create a custom header and footer for your profile at no charge to you. Once your profile is completed, we simply give you the username and password and you can login and manage your profile from one simple to use location.

One of the greatest features of the independent provider profile is that once you've added all of your information and uploaded your photos and videos to your profile you are listed on our worldwide searchable database and can be searched from anywhere in the world. This gives you the ability to hugely increase your exposure both locally and worldwide and to reach consumers and clients in markets that you normally wouldn't reach. We advertise heavily in all markets and our marketing team spends each and every day sourcing out new advertising opportunities for our network to keep us on top and give you top value for your advertising dollar. Ask us about receiving a free trial banner complete with professional graphic design as part of your promo package.

If you have any questions you would like answered about our network or would like to inquire about becoming an independent provider please contact our support team at and one of our team members will be happy to help you in any way we can. You may also reach us at one of the telephone numbers listed on our contact page if you prefer to communicate by telephone. If you are a new to the business and new to the internet and don't yet have a web presence; contact us today for an online demo of how our software performs and how we can put you on top and make your phone ring.

We look forward to hearing from you, thanks for stopping by.


The WorldEscort411 Team
FREE $29 / month $49 / month $99 / month
Your Provider Profiles Include:
  • Bronze Provider Listing
  • Up to 2 Photos per listing
  • Contact Information
  • Ranked beneath Platinum, Gold & Silver Listings in Search Returns
  • Silver Provider Listing
  • Priority Ranking above Bronze Listings in Search Returns
  • Up to Ten Photos per listing
  • Message Center
  • Gold Provider Listing
  • Priority Ranking above Silver & Bronze Listings in Search Returns
  • Up to 20 Photos per listing
  • Message Center
  • Live Chat with Video (similar to MSN)
  • Platinum Provider Listing
  • Priority Ranking above Gold, Silver & Bronze Listings in Search Returns
  • Embed YouTube videos to your profile
  • Up to 20 Photos per listing
  • Message Center
  • Live Chat with Video (similar to MSN)
Agency and banner advertising options are also available.