Be a Successful Escort

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Be a Successful Escort

If you are interested or have recently decided to join the millions of women in the escort trade, there are several things for you to consider.

  1. Is being an escort really something you want to do?
  2. Are you aware of everything that is involved in the escort profession?
  3. What factors are making you think about doing this?

If you truly want to become a successful escort then there are some steps you need to take before you jump in to the trade.

High Quality Escort Portfolios

  • High quality, digital photos are an absolute must if you plan to work as an escort.
  • Professional pictures are best and if it’s in your budget, hire a professional photographer who has experience working with nude and semi-nude models. The experience and knowledge a professional brings to the session will add the extra touches that will make your portfolio stand out.
  • If a professional is not in your budget, ask a trusted friend to help you take the pictures so you can get the most flattering angles. If possible, opt for professional printing and your pictures will have a professional look.

For more tips on Escort photography, check out the photography section of our resources page.

Perfecting the Escort Persona

  • Create a working personal and a professional name. In this industry, it is wise to keep your personal life away from your professional life, and a working persona and name will make this much easier.
  • Think of the type of clientele you are looking for and come up with a persona that will appeal to that population.
  • Stay away from the obvious name choices like: BAMBI, CANDY, KITTY, and other such common industry choices. Keep the working name in line with your persona, if you are aiming for the girl next door; keep your name girly and common. Looking for a tougher persona, try names like Harley or Toni.

Dedicated Escort Contact & Communication

  • Decide how you want your clients to contact you before you create a marketing plan. Most Escorts choose to keep a cell phone and email account strictly for work. Once again, this keeps your work life separate from your personal life and also adds an element of safety to your business. You do not need clients calling you at home and filling up your personal inbox.
  • Check out our safety resources for more information on how to stay safe in this industry.

Escort Marketing & Advertising

  • How do you want to work? Who do you want to work for? Do you want to work for an Agency or do you prefer to work as an Independent escort? These can be tough choices and there are pros and cons to both sides. Take some time to research the agencies in your area and speak with other independent escorts to get a good perspective on the options available to you.
  • If you choose to work for an agency they will market your services for you, so a marketing plan is not all that necessary.
  • If you choose to work as an Independent, you must market yourself. Listing yourself on directories like World Escort 411 is a great way to gain exposure in a safe and secure manner. Local listings and paper adverts are good options too, however they can be costly and perhaps not in your start up budget. Classified sites and free directories are your best bet until you can establish yourself.
  • Web marketing, more than ever before, needs to be part of your marketing plan. The escort industry thrives on the web and you need to create a web presence to expand your marketing reach.

For more information on how to market yourself, take a peek at our marketing resources page.

Escort Business & Financial Sensibility

  • Try to keep in mind that you are in fact running a business. Keeping track of your income, your expenses and your appointments are necessary. If you want to succeed as an escort, you need to operate like every other business owner.
  • If you are concerned about declaring your income, speak to an accountant who can help you work out the details and how best to classify your business and any other necessary steps you will need to take to ensure that you remain within the boundaries of your state, city, and federal laws.

Questions about the legalities of this industry? World Escort 411 has information on the current laws regarding the sex trade industry in Canada, the United States, and abroad, listed on our resources page.

Escort Health

  • Once you have decided how and where you want to work, it is hugely important to set some professional and emotional boundaries to ensure the safety of yourself, your body and your mind.

Information on your health and how to stay healthy in the business can be found in our resources pages, and if you are ever unsure about your health or how to protect yourself from the many sexual health issues that can arise in this industry it is best to seek medical advice from your local health facility.

World Escort 411 is dedicated to providing their members with the most up to date information that will allow them to work safely in this industry. Check our resources pages often to keep up on the latest issues and trends in the business.