We at WorldEscort411.com would like to say a few words regarding the pressures put on Craigslist adult classifieds as well as Craigslist founders Craig Newmark and CEO Jim Buckmaster. We feel that in this day and age it is sad that adult individuals are monitored and censored for doing nothing more than engaging in adult related activities. We feel it is sad that founders Craig Newmark and CEO Jim Buckmaster were compelled to enact a self-imposed censorship of the Craigslist Adult classifieds section of their Craigslist classifieds web portal.

Craigslist head offices are located in the Sunset District of San Francisco; an area thought to be progressive in adult related activities and culture. Nowhere is the adult culture more evident than in the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

From a legal standpoint, Craigslist.com, Backpage.com and other internet "UGC" (user generated content) sites, are protected under the Federal Communications Decency Act, which holds them not liable for any user-generated content. The Courts have defended and verified this point by standing firm in Craigslist's favour on more than one occasion.

WorldEscort411.com is not about promoting Prostitution in any way, shape or form. Our web portal is for entertainment purposes only, and our goal is to create a safe meeting place for like-minded adult individuals to meet and greet and get to know one another. We at WorldEscort411.com are self-regulating, and screen for potential underage users, child trafficking, and all other types of human trafficking. It is clearly stated in our registration and sign-up agreement that any individual or individuals identified or suspected in child trafficking or human trafficking will be reported to the authorities, without exception.

WorldEscort411.com is a far superior alternative to Craigslist erotic ads and the Craigslist adult classifieds listing section. On our site you will find content rich user profiles, complete with photos, photo slideshows, embedded YouTube videos and uploaded videos. Unlike Craigslist adult classified ads you can easily search worldwide for exactly what you're looking for. Our lightning fast database allows you to search worldwide and to filter for things like hair color, body type, sexual preferences, etc. Just imagine no more surfing through thousands of questionable (and a lot of times, fake) ads that you once found in the Craigslist erotic section.

We feel it is sad the Craigslist adult classifieds and erotic section had to shut down. Unfortunately, the Craigslist adult classified ads were purported to have had both child trafficking and human trafficking content in them that led to the pressure-filled self "shutdown" of Craigslist's Erotic or Adult section. Although unfortunate, perhaps we can all learn from this unfortunate event and be more diligent in monitoring the content and users of our own web portals.

WorldEscort 411.com is about promoting human interaction and entertainment. We advocate individual liberties and the free will to engage in the pursuit of liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness, in an alternative form. Please visit some of the links below to review some interesting articles regarding the law and the aforementioned.




In previous cases regarding Net Neutrality, Craigslist and other online Web Portals have had the courts rule in their favour. Below are some links to relevant and pertinent articles for reference:



When browsing WorldEscort 411.com, you won't see a website that is inviting to minors or attracting those under the legally required age of 18 (or minimum age in their jurisdiction). We have no sections or ads listing new or used iPods, xBox360s, or any other miscellaneous household items for that matter.

You won't find any carpools here but you are sure to find some new friends and casual dining companions. The closest thing we offer to a carpool is a ride with a hot willing adult babe or two in the back of a limousine! This is what separates WorldEscort 411.coms escort and masseuse listings apart from Craigslist adult classifieds and erotic section. We don't offer any products or services that would lure a minor to our site; in fact, we do everything in our power to discourage minors and people involved in illegal activities from joining and/or surfing our site.

Make no mistake about it, WorldEscort 411.com is for Adults only. We promote good, clean, safe fun and we are all about bringing like-minded people together to meet sexy, new and exciting people of all interests and backgrounds.

We've all heard the expression "the cream rises to the top", WorldEscort 411.com definitely offers the cream, and caters to the cream of this industry. WorldEscort 411s goal is to provide a cleaner, better moderated alternative to the Craigslist erotic ads, not a hybrid adult services web portal similar to the Craigslist erotic section. We have no categories that could potentially attract minors, directly or incidentally, nor will we ever have them. WorldEscort 411.com has started out as a premium adult classifieds listing portal and this is how it will remain. Our pledge to our users is to provide a top-quality web experience for escorts, escort agencies, masseuses and client/hobbyists as well as shedding light on how easy and effortless meeting like-minded individuals online for fun can be.

In conclusion, WorldEscort 411.com is where you'll find the largest active escort, escort agency, masseuse and client/hobbyist community of its kind throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Even though Craigslist was forced to "voluntarily" shut down its Erotic and Adult services section due to regulatory pressure, you'll quickly realize that you're not going to miss the erotic ads section on Craigslist classifieds after surfing WorldEscort 411.com!


The WorldEscort 411.com team