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The United States has extremely strict laws regarding the sex trade industry. Currently the activities performed by many sex trade workers are illegal in 49 of the 50 US states, Nevada being the exception. Each state has its own laws and punitive measures; however the sex trade still survives in America. Researching your local and state laws is crucial to avoid any legal action and interruption to your business.

America has very conservative views on this issue and it is best to operate within the boundaries that your local authorities have put in place. Soliciting, procurement, and public displays of solicitation are big NO-NO's in the US, and if caught misdemeanour charges will be ordered. Unfortunately, the information surrounding this industry and the legal ways to operate are very hard to find and reliable sources are even more rare.

Checking in with your local authorities is a good way to learn about the boundaries your municipality and state have set forth to regulate the sex trade. The counties in Nevada that have legalized prostitution still have strict rules and regulations that must be adhered to, so do your home-work before you start operating.
American Escort laws are beginning to change, however they differ from state to state and Escorts must be extremely well educated on the particulars of each law. Information on the state laws can be found at ProCon.org.

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