World Escort 411 Agency Management Console and Escort Agency Advertising Features

Creedmoor / North Carolina
Vancouver / Canada
Female / 19
Agency Provider
Toronto / Canada
Female / 25
Independent Provider
New Jersey
Female / 25
Agency Provider
Vancouver / Canada
Female / 28
Independent Provider
New York / New York
Female / 22
Agency Provider

World Escort 411 Escort Agency Advertising Features & CMS Management Console

World Escort 411 has created cutting edge software for the Escort Industry. We are like a hybrid of Lava Life© and Facebook©. Our software offers the flexibility of dating site software similar to Lava Life© and the social aspects of social network software similar to Facebook©. Our incredible Agency Profiles give agencies marketing and management power never seen before through our unique user management console.

Not only is our user console simple to manage but you have full control over every aspect of your agency. You can add, subtract and edit providers on the fly from anywhere with an internet connection. You have full real time control over your entire agency. No longer will you have to wait to add an exciting new provider to your roster; you can add her anytime 24/7 with no dependency on web developers. By the same token if you want to remove someone immediately you can login and delete their profile on the spot.

Another fantastic feature never seen before in this business is the way our agency profiles attach all of your agency providers to your agency profile page. Once you build your agency profile page you simply click on "manage agency providers" in the navigation bar and it takes you to the user management console. Click on "register agency provider" and it opens the agency provider profile setup page. By default it auto fills all of your agency contact information, agency code, etc. The only thing you need to add here is the name of your provider, their user name and choose a password; click "save" and the profile is created.

From here you have the choice to add photos, edit provider details or view the new profile. Once you are finished adding your new agency provider simply click on "logout" and you will be taken back to your provider management console in the main agency profile. From here you have access to all of your providers associated with your agency. Simply click on "login as this user' to the right of the provider name and you will be logged in as that provider with full ability to manage photos, edit provider details, change passwords, etc. (See Below)

Another feature of our software is that agencies have the ability to display a custom header and footer on their profile so it will have the same look and feel as their existing web page (if they have one, not needed). These profiles can also be custom skinned. (See Below)

With Default Header
Agency Profile with Custom Header

Below is an agency profile with a custom header and footer. Notice how all of the agency's providers are attached to the agencies main profile acting as a showcase for all of the agency's providers. Each one of the agency providers displays the same custom agency header and footer and displays all of the agency's other providers. All of your agency provider pages back link to your main agency page creating hugely valuable organic search from back links.

Our lightning fast database allow Users to search by criteria such as country, state, city, user name; or within a distance of your zip code or a custom zip code. Users can save all of their searches if they have a specific preference that they are looking for on a repeat basis and you can also use the same search in different cities if they are travelling just by changing the location criteria.

Users can also save multiple searches in their profile depending on their mood or travel. Users can filter their provider search for hair colour, eye colour, preferences, orientation etc. Once a user picks one of your agency providers, he will see all of your agency providers on every single agency profile page attached to your agency; all will display your custom header and footer and contact information. Users can save friends and favourites, instant message, chat or send private messages.

Remember the easiest client to get is the one you already have. Once a client has used your service they will save that profile in friends or favourites for the next time they are looking. The favourites folder is a perfect place for clients to save all of your agency providers that they wish to see in the future. Typically clients tend to return to your agency after a favourable experience for a return engagement.

No web site? No big deal; you won't need one anymore. You can manage your new agency user interface with no web experience and not have to pay or depend on web developers ever again. If you have an existing website that you have been thinking about redoing we can point your existing domain name to your agency profile on our network and save you the fees of running multiple websites. The most unique and valuable feature you will receive with our software/portal is that all agencies, agency providers, independents and advertisers who are members of World Escort 411 are listed on our world wide highly searchable database.

But wait there is more ;-) For every agency provider profile added by you, our software custom builds two pages. One is for displaying the providers profile complete with photos, embedded videos, etc. The other is designed specifically for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes with text only including a couple of paragraphs of custom written text based around your agency, your location and the services you offer. The SEO pages are designed to improve your organic ranking with Google and the other major search engines. Organic means the ability for the search engines to return either your agency page or one of your providers pages when a client searches a term like "escorts in London" instead of having to be found through a directory or an existing website. Organic search return is the most powerful tool you have in your internet marketing arsenal. When you hire a SEO marketing company to get your site ranked higher and found more often on the internet; organic search return is what they are trying to attain. With our custom software you are getting a display page plus a SEO page for every one of your agency providers (as well as your agency). (See Below)

In simple terms; if you are an agency with 100 agency providers our software will give you 202 active searchable pages on the internet. Every one of your agency provider profiles displays pages showing all of your other agency providers on it so basically it is like having 101 mini websites that all link back to your agency. All of the SEO pages that are built by our software for you are then spoon fed to Google© and the other search engines on an ongoing basis. Quite simply put you are not just buying a listing on a website; but a true marketing solution for your business and every one of your providers. Our marketing and development team have over thirty five years combined experience in the internet marketing business and a proven track record. We will make your phone ring!

Agency Profile Management & Marketing Features

  • Your agency profile displays your own custom header & footer similar to your existing agency
  • Free custom banner design if needed
  • All agency provider profiles display custom agency header & footer
  • Attach all of your Agency Providers to your main profile
  • Custom SEO (search engine optimization) on every page attached to your agency profile
  • Custom SEO pages for each of your agency providers
  • Cross linking on all pages attached to your profile
  • All of your other Agency Providers profile links appear on each and every one of your listed agency providers profiles. It is like having a mini website for your agency on each of your providers agency profiles
  • Easy user interface requires no prior web experience to manage your agency and all agency providers
  • Save money on staff and training
  • No more SEO and Marketing costs
  • Personal blog for every agency provider on their custom profile
  • See when client/hobbyists are browsing your profile and have the ability to instant message them and ask them if they are interested in getting together
  • Link to your business website from your agency and agency provider profiles
  • Link to providers reviews from every provider profile attached to your main agency profile
  • List all of your providers profiles on a lightning fast world wide database.
  • Block unwanted users
  • Make photos private so they can be viewed after you accept a friend request and grant permission to view
  • Pause and restart profiles from management console
  • Custom SEO (search engine optimization) services for your entire agency included in monthly fee
  • No additional hosting fees
  • Your profile can be interfaced with your Twitter account; if you don't have one we will set one up for you
  • Each of your providers profiles can be interfaced with your Twitter account; if you don't have one we will set one up for you
  • Incredible back links from every one of your agency provider profiles back to your main profile increase organic search on Google and other search engines
  • Setup photo galleries, slide shows, embed YouTube videos
  • Browse client/hobbyist want ads real time as they get posted right from your agency profile
  • Respond to client/hobbyist want ads via instant messenger, private messaging
  • Stream live video to your profile
  • Embed audio files to your profile
  • Upload video files to your profile
  • Access your user management console from any computer on the internet.
  • Access private messages from client/hobbyists from any computer on the internet.
  • Provide full searchable stats on all of your agency providers so they can be found in an instant
  • Show profiles in other areas if your agency providers travel internationally so they appear in all search returns for areas serviced
  • Increase your internet exposure dramatically